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Elemental Informatics uses drone and satellite data to create high resolution, precise maps. These are great for real estate marketing, planning and development, construction project planning and tracking, or property management. 

An orthomosaic map with a layout suitable for real estate marketing

We use drones to create 3D models. These highly precise, georeferenced reconstructions are ideal for detailed inspection and documentation tasks. They're interactive and annotatable. They can be shared publicly or privately, allowing teams to collaborate.

They also look great. They can be animated and put in a video to make impressive marketing or informational videos.

A highly detailed 3D model of a house with home inspection annotations

We developed Sol to allow anyone with a web browser to interact with our maps and models. This unique platform allows us to provide a true end-to-end solution for delivering high resolution imagery. 

Built on state of the art custom and open-source software and powered by Amazon AWS, Sol empowers our clients to document and collaborate on projects large and small.

An orthomosaic map of a commercial area.

Elemental Informatics provides IT services to home users, businesses, and technical professionals. From basic tech support to infrastructure planning and software development, we can help.

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