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Elemental Informatics harnesses the power of both aerial and satellite imagery to deliver high-resolution, accurate orthomosaic maps. In addition to utilizing our drones for site-specific imagery, we also offer the option of integrating high-resolution (0.5m) satellite data. This unique capability allows us to cover vast areas quickly and cost-effectively, offering an unmatched combination of precision and scale.

Our "Marketing" maps are visually striking, highly detailed images of your property. Drawing from our rich data sources - including high-resolution satellite data, we can create wide-spanning, captivating views of entire cities or regions. These are perfect for marketing real estate, creating parking and vendor maps for festivals and other large events, or having them printed on museum-quality paper for display. Despite their large scope, these maps can be produced quickly and at a fixed price point.


Our "Technical" maps are data-rich products built for precision. Designed for professionals such as planners, builders, surveyors, and architects, these maps can incorporate satellite data for a macro view, complementing our specialized drone and GPS equipment's centimeter-level precision for a micro perspective. This fusion provides valuable insights for tasks like feature extraction, stockpile measurement, surface modeling, contour generation, as-built verification, construction progress monitoring, and general inspection. We can deliver these maps in all industry standard formats for your own analysis, or we can perform the analysis on your behalf. Due to the highly customized nature of these technical maps, their production timeline and pricing are contingent on each project's specific requirements.


Whether it's our Marketing or Technical maps, they can be delivered directly to you in your preferred format, or hosted on our servers for a completely customized experience. If you choose to have us host your map, we can tailor the interface for your staff and your clients, or allow you to embed the maps on your own website. Regardless of your use case, Elemental Informatics is committed to delivering your map in a usable, accessible, and effective format. We are your partners in visualizing the world through the lens of cutting-edge mapping technology.

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