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Sol: Imagery Made Easy

Sol is Elemental Informatics' web-based imagery viewer.

At Elemental Informatics, we developed Sol to allow anyone, anywhere to interact with our maps. Using Sol is easy and requires no complex or expensive software. If you can use a web browser, you can use Sol. Click on the image above to see for yourself.

Sol can display an incredible amount of highly precise imagery and data. The example above displays an orthomosiac map made from drone imagery, an orthomosaic map made from satellite imagery, a digital surface model,  1-foot contours, and contains a link to an interactive 3D model of the area. Maps on Sol can also have many more tools like tools for drawing shapes on the map and downloading them as KML or GEOJSON files as well as uploading and displaying your own KML GEOJSON, and SHP files. If you use a smartphone or other device equipped with GPS, Sol can display your position on the map.

Sol can be used as it is or customized for you or your organization. Sol can be integrated into any webpage just like you see on this page. We can keep your data private or make it available publicly. We can even build your own private version of Sol that you can access via your own custom web address.

Engineers, architects, and builders find that our drone imagery, created with high precision GPS supported by local CORS networks or referenced to existing control points, allows them to make data-driven decisions in a timely manner. Our orthomosaic and thermal orthomosaic maps are created to customer specifications with ground sampling distances as low as 1cm. When maps are presented via Sol, they also include the ability to view and download individual images enabling viewers to perform their own detailed visual and thermal analyses while viewing imagery at the absolute highest level of detail. Mapping can also include digital surface models, digital terrain models, contour maps, and other GIS information. Sol also includes tools that enable users to show their locations on the map; make area or linear measurements; and draw shapes and upload, download, and display them in geojson or KML format. These capabilities can be shared with anyone in users’ workflows. Since Sol requires no special software or training to use, users can easily distribute information to individual workers on site.


Real estate marketers can use Sol to catch their market’s attention and show properties in ways that captivate and inform potential buyers. Our extremely high resolution maps allow clients to see properties in detail. Sol’s interactive tools keep potential property owners engaged and inspire them to see the potential in listings. We can add panoramic aerial photos to our 3D-modeled maps, showcasing listings from a uniquely engaging perspective. Not only can customers see and interact with these models in their web browser, but we can also use these models to create stunning videos showing listings as they are now or how they might look as finished projects. All imagery and video can be embedded on real estate agents’ existing websites and customized to individual specifications. Our turnkey process enables customers to tell us exactly what they want and deliver personalized content via a link with all of our products included. 


Economic developers can use Sol to plan, document, and promote their projects, attracting the attention of site selectors and keeping them engaged with spectacular imagery and useful measurement and planning tools. Our maps show the before, during, and after phases of projects. Customers can combine drone and satellite imagery to show city-scale maps in high resolution with areas of particular interest presented in detail. We work with clients to provide exactly the imagery and information they need to help them build the communities their clients want. 


Prroperty managers can use Sol as a uniquely powerful way to perform inspections and documentation at scale. Thermal inspections on entire neighborhoods can be performed on one map with thousands of thermal or standard images delivered in high resolution for scaling needs. Property managers can document changes over time by scheduling imagery updates as needed. We can use Sol to create and share parking maps, vendor plans, and any other information clients find useful. We can create a map of a client’s hunting camp showing stand locations, shooting lanes, and property lines. Imagery can be shared with anyone or kept private.

Sol was designed to be easy to use throughout the entire process. You tell us what area you want covered, we send you a link that allows you to see, interact with, and share your data. There's really nothing quite like it.  It's much easier to show you what it is than to describe what it is. Besides, once you see it for yourself, you might think of uses that we haven't yet. Click HERE to see Sol in action.

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