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Elemental Informatics is a company that collects and delivers data gathered from small uncrewed aerial systems (drones) and other platforms.. We provide this data and products derived from it to our clients in the formats they require.

We're located in beautiful Oxford, Mississippi. We can travel and operate wherever we're needed. 


Advancing the accessibility and versatility of drone-collected data is a core value at Elemental Informatics. Our innovative approach allows us to cater to both professional and non-technical clients alike. We deliver high-quality mapping and modeling products not only via established industry standard file formats and platforms, but also through our in-house developed server, Sol, and a cutting-edge web-based application, Nira. With Sol and Nira, anyone with a web browser can interact with our maps and models in extremely high resolution. 

This strategic blend of industry standards and proprietary technology sets us apart from other drone companies. We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver highly-fidelity, user-friendly, and universally accessible solutions, regardless of your technical expertise. This unique approach underlines our dedication to democratize drone data usage and ensures that every client can harness the full potential of our services, no matter their level of proficiency.

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