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IT Services

From Small and Simple to Large and Complex

Home Users

At-home, timely service.

Home users deserve the same professional standards of support that businesses receive. At Elemental Informatics, we can help you with all of your tech at home. From laptops and printers, to TVs and smart devices, whether it's fixing your existing equipment or helping you buy and install new gear, we're ready to help.

Technical Professionals

State of the art solutions.

At Elemental Informatics, we're technical professionals ourselves. We understand the importance and complexities of operating high performance computing equipment and software. We can help you do that regardless of what hardware and software you're using. 

Small Businesses

Help when you need it.

You'll notice we display no partner logos on our site. We also don't sell any hardware or software, though we'll be happy to purchase it on your behalf. Because we have no industry partners, we can focus on providing the solutions that are best for your business without worrying about pushing our partners' products.

Boutique Solutions

We love building things!

Do you have a special project you're working on? We've built systems and software for everything from off-grid offices in tropical jungles to high performance storage solutions for scientific researchers. These types of special projects are our favorite. You'll find our range of experience and expertise useful in almost any situation.

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