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High Fidelity Parking Data

In the past, gathering data about parking lot utilization has been expensive and time consuming. Property owners had to purchase expensive equipment, install expensive infrastructure, or employ teams of people with clipboards to get meaningful data. Because this data is so useful, many property owners often did all three. No more!


With the power of Parkalytics we can help you get timely, actionable intelligence about how many visitors a site has, how long they stay, how many parking stalls there are, their average utilization, and the turnover rate for each stall. No lot is too small and we know of none that are too large for analysis. Because no infrastructure is required, this service is especially suitable for large, temporary lots at festivals and other events. We gather this data with very small drones so it's safe and practically unnoticeable for the patrons on the ground.

Click here to see an example study we did of the Oxford Square. 

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